F-Rating software

Simple, easy to use, effective and suitable for various industries.
Seize the customer psychology
Devise a customer retention strategy
Devise appropriate development strategies
Enhance brand
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Why choose F-Rating rating software?
Effective management
Help service managers can see the number of people interacting with the service with the most accurate evaluation comments about their services. Since then there are necessary changes and quickly bring the highest efficiency.
Simple & Easy to use
The simple, friendly, intelligent and flexible interface makes services easy to apply in practice.
Support multi-field
Located in the FinFin ecosystem with diverse fields and industries. We research software design that is suitable for many service areas.
Mobile application for customers use the service
Users can express their views, attitudes and suggestions to the services that they have experienced and are interested in. This helps service owners to improve and promote the quality of their services.
Users rate the Service Quality real time 27/4.
Easily find quality services rated by the community.
Website owner
The service owner keeps track of the service with a quality service made in the customer's perception of the exact date and time.
Whenever there is unsatisfied feedback from the customer, the service owner can investigate the cause and improve it.
Statistics from the votes help the Service Owner capture customer psychology, thereby improving service quality and better customer service.
Anytime: Allows tracking personnel and work results at any time.
Anything: Lets see results on any media with an internet connection.
Anywhere: Allows access to results no matter where the service is hosted.
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